Football with Us


We plan to dominate as a football-watching hot-spot the way the Seahawks dominated the NFL last year. 37 HDTV’s including an incredible projector screen on our main stage, and NFL Sunday Ticket so we can show ALL the games.

And just like the Seahawks, you have to have a game plan, so here is ours:

  • Kids are allowed in our dining floor area before 9:00 PM
  • We open for breakfast on Sunday at 9:30am, and have a delicious menu to start off your day right!
  • We serve the BEST Cocktails in town! We’ve a wide range of Vodka, Tequila and other Spirits and Liqueurs to choose from so you pick the base liquor and we’ll make it the best you’ve ever had!
  • Game Day Menu. This has been specially designed to provide you with all the great game-watching grub you need, while making it easier for the kitchen to get your food out fast!
  • EVERY NFL GAME ON!! Want to see the Jags play the Browns? OK! We have it on. And when enough screens are available, we will try to have a few on Red Zone so you fantasy players can keep up.
  • Games mapped out : Get here early because the games showing will be first come first serve on which TV they’ll be playing. So get here early & scope out where you want to be! Obviously when the Seahawks are playing we will make sure there are plenty of TV’s on their game, and the big screen will ALWAYS be showing the Hawks.
  • NO RESERVATIONS. If you want that special, perfect table, you better get here early! Football weekend days will be first-come, first-served.

Football season is here & we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate the wins with you!